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Our Unique Process

Finding the right solution for your personal or business needs requires us to pay special attention to the circumstances of your unique situation. This is why our Financial Services Representatives take a needs-based approach to our insurance sales strategy. Our four-step process of analyzing, recommending, implementing, and reviewing your strategy will help ensure that you get on course to achieving your goals, and remain on course as life unfolds. 

  • Evaluate. Before we recommend any product or service, we ask questions and get a clear understanding of your financial goals and objectives. We use a secure method of collecting information on your current investments, insurance policies and budget. The documents we collect are not just to be evaluated, but we are trying to save our clients' money in every single way possible and have having this information is crucial to our process. We then analyze your insurance portfolio to identify any gaps that may exist in your policies.  
  • Educate. We firmly believe that this is not our financial plan but our clients financial plan. Therefore, we do not tell our clients what to do but rather educate them, so they are empowered to make the best decisions for themselves. With each client we do a deep dive educational session on the following:
  1. Cash flow management 
  2. Risk managementincluding emergency funds, employee benefits, car and home insurance, and life, disability and long-term care insurance. 
  3. Debt and leverage: How to pay down toxic debt, how to use other people's money to build your net worth, and how to use the right credit cards. 
  4. Investments: From old 401ks to new brokerage accounts, we want to make sure that every single dollar is working in unison with each other to build your wealth. 
  • Execute. After the evaluation and education portions are done, we will be delivering an extremely comprehensive financial plan. This plan will help you evaluate where we currently are and what we need to do to get you where you want to be. Whereas we hope to get the evaluation and education portion done in a 2 to 3-month period, the execution phase is a lifetime exercise because the only thing that is constant is change. 
  • Review. Because your financial situation is bound to change, we work with you over time through periodic reviews to help you monitor the strategies in place, and their capacity to continuously meet your goals. 

Our Financial Services Representatives can help you with many of your financial needs. It is important to note that Financial Services Representatives are only able to provide certain services if they are licensed to do so in your state.