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Peter Kim

Peter Kim

Office Manager

Born in the US, but having spent most of his childhood in mainland China with his Korean parents, Peter had the privilege of traveling to multiple countries and being exposed to a variety of cultures growing up. Ever since he was little, he has found himself to be in a role where he acts as a bridge between multiple cultural groups, since he, for the most part, was the common denominator and knew (and lived) both sides of the story. His unique upbringing made Peter aware that keeping an open mind and helping others were the secret to fulfillment in this ever globalizing world.

The values he developed and held onto through adolescence was exactly what attracted him to The Mill Financial Partners. As he went to college and entered the workforce in the US, Peter came to the realization that there was a tremendous gap between the dreams of an average working class person and the harsh realities of living paycheck to paycheck under the suffocating mountain of loans. Alan and The Mill Financial Partners inspired Peter to try bridging this gap by educating and empowering as many people as he can, so that people could live their life to the fullest. 

Outside of work, Peter enjoys reading, playing instruments, and spending quality time with loved ones.