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The Mill Financial Partners

Based in Atlanta, GA, The Mill Financial Partners leverages technology to drive financial education and an extraordinary client experience that can help make a life-changing impact on our clients throughout the nation. By collaborating with our clients, we are able to guide them towards realizing where they currently are financially, and help them paint a clear picture of what they want to accomplish in life by clarifying the possessions they want to purchase, the activities they want to experience, and the destinations they want to travel to. Most importantly we help our clients implement and execute customized strategies in efforts to bridge the gap from the life they are currently living to the unlived life within them. 

We have created a personable process adaptable for each client’s needs, wants, and communication styles, that focuses on creating and transferring multi-generational wealth. By working with multiple generations within a family, we open lines of communication to help optimize efficiencies to ensure our clients dreams become reality and legacies reflect their values.


This is our why; what is yours? 

We believe that everyone possesses the power and the right to create and realize their fullest lives, and that a sound financial planning helps turn those dreams into reality. We work with our clients to customize their financial plan in a way that prepares them for future obstacles, while helping them gain momentum towards their unique wants and needs. Our goal is that our clients can sleep better at night knowing that they are protected from life’s unknowns, and wake up each morning with the optimism that their tomorrows will be better than their yesterdays. 

While a sound financial plan certainly helps people reach their big life milestones, it can also manifest itself in the form of relieving stress in a relationship, allowing a family to spend more time with each other by staying on vacation one day longer, and/or finding extra dollars to donate to the church or charity of their choice.

Everyone has a financial plan, the question is how accurate, comprehensive, and sound is it? A sound financial plan can act as a fire extinguisher to many issues that may arise, while ignoring financial planning might inflame these issues and add undo stress. 

That is our why, what is yours?


Through financial education and personal empowerment, we work with our clients to define their current financial situation, while collaborating with them to design their fullest life. By clearly articulating the possessions they want to purchase, the activities they want to experience, and the destinations they want to travel to, we help our clients strategically implement customized financial strategies that can help bridge the gap from the life they are currently living, to the unlived life within them.


  • We believe in God, and aspire to noble endeavors for a higher cause.
  • We believe in the innate goodness inside people, and in helping them live their highest values.
  • We believe that authenticity, transparency, and vulnerability are at the core of building momentum towards one’s goals.
  • We believe in caring for others, their ambitions, and their futures.
  • We believe in being servant-leaders at all times.
  • We believe that people can create their ideal life, and that a strong financial plan lies at the base of that construction.
  • We believe that there is no such thing as a self-made man or woman, and that through collaboration, we can create synergies that build momentum towards a more fulfilled life.